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Superior Solar Road Stud Markers

In the current national highway safety guarantee project, a variety of more scientific and technological traffic safety facilities have been widely used, which play their important role in improving the safety of highway traffic and reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents. The practice has proved that the solar road stud marker plays an important role in drawing the road outline, guiding the driver's sight and eliminating the hidden danger in the rain and fog weather and in the curve.

solar road stud maker
Solar road stud marker are the new age replacements for the conventional reflective Road Studs, popularly known as CAT EYES, introduced by Percy Shaw, in 1938. The cat eyes are based on the technique of reflection, they are visible up to the distance, headlights provide illumination 80m. On the other hand, as the solar road stud marker comprises of ultra-bright LEDs(Light Emitting Diodes) are visible from a distance of more than 10 times or 800m.
The visibility provided by the cat eyes is totally dependent on the quality of light emitting from the vehicle it is almost use less in case the headlights are not configured properly. During the day, the solar road stud marker absorbs sunlight and changes it into electrical Energy. During the night, it will then light up automatically without external power sources.
The cat eyes loose their reflective qualities in rain/muddy conditions or when they get dirty. The solar road stud markers are highly effective at getting the drivers attention because of its bright lighting, the standard retro-reflective materials used ensure good visibility in darkness.

solar road stud marker
The solar road stud marker consequently increases the safety of all road users as it enhances the ability to discern and navigate danger zones much earlier than CAT EYES or conventional road studs. The conventional reflectors are rendered useless as they fail to reflect headlight back to the driver when headlights or main beam is being projected upwards to drivers coming from opposite direction rendering the road ahead Pitch-Black.