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The Advantages of Solar LED Road Marker Compared With Reflective Road Stud


Percy Shaw discovered the road reflection stud (the so-called cat's eye) in England in the 1930s. His inspiration came from the image of the car lights reflected in the cat's eye. The first set of cat's eyes consists of 4 glass balls (2 on each side) installed in a cast iron housing. Further modifications have produced the two most commonly used products: reflective elements and light emitters, so-called active solar LED cat eyes.

solar led road stud

With the development of technology, traditional reflective road marker are gradually unable to meet the needs of users, because these reflective road markers cannot achieve the role of guiding driving in foggy or rainy weather. Solar led road marker are generated at this time, and led road marker can actively emit light without reflecting the headlights in front of the vehicle, which can give the driver better guidance.

Solar led road marker mainly used to remind drivers to ensure safe driving, especially in rainy days or dark nights. Sometimes these solar road markers are flooded by rain and cannot complete the work. In addition to the LED lights, some solar led road marker are designed with a reflector on top. Since the height is usually about 2 cm, the driver can still see the reflector even if rainwater accumulates on the road. In addition, solar road marker also play an important role by warning the driver to stay cool by causing a bumpy effect on the driver when the vehicle passes by.

solar road  stud
          Safety benefits from solar led road marker:
          * Visibility exceeds 800 meters
          * Blinking vibrant lights-eye-catching design
          * Provide single-sided or double-sided lighting as required
          * Give the driver a reaction time of almost 30 seconds