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Let Solar LED Road Marker Lighting Your Way to Home


solar road studsSolar led road marker are ideal for curves, bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and rural traffic and lane contours. Built-in Illuminated solar led road marker made of almost indestructible cast aluminum with an IP-68 protection rating can withstand heavy vehicles. With high performance, can provide years of reliable, cost-effective road safety. Installation is simple – holes and epoxy resin ensure maintenance-free, grid-independent service.

Thanks to the innovative solar technology, there is no need to install wires, no battery replacement, and almost no maintenance.

Environment safety of solar led road marker:
* Green Energy Security Products
* Road studs for "dry" energy operation
* Sustainable Energy Products
* Cheap handling and safe

Solar LED road studs can be installed in the following areas:
– Dangerous blind corners and sharp curves, black spots and low-light areas ...
– Whimsical and unpredictable weather conditions (coastal roads, foggy areas, wet and rainy areas, etc.)
– Intersections, up and down ramps, centerlines and dividers, entrance warnings, carpool lanes, bridges, crosswalks ...
–Guide lines, traffic islands, roundabouts, aprons, mountain roads ...
– Taxiways on airports, taxiways and sidewalks, ships and boats ...
–Entertainment area, parking lot, hotel entrance, gas station, etc.!

It is worth noting that solar road marker cannot be installed in rough places.
This will directly cause the pressure on the different parts of the solar led road marler to be unbalanced, so if it is knocked down by a large-tonnage vehicle, the led road marker can be easily broken down.