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The Advantages of Solar LED Pavement Marker


led pavement marker

Solar LED Pavement Marker is an environmentally safe road delineation treatment visible from up to 1 kilometre away. The units require little to no maintenance and generate no on-going operational costs. The Miracle technology is reliably used to delineate areas suffering poor visibility, pre-warn motorists of impending traffic calming treatments such as: traffic islands; roundabouts and speed humps or to delineate cycle and walking. paths, boat ramps and airport taxiways and aprons.
Let's see the advantages of solar LED pavement marker in our dally life.


High Reliability 

The highly visible solar pavement marker employs a heavy duty design that is long lasting, impact resistant, and engineered to survive in virtually any weather condition. 

Full Autonomy 

Each unit in LED pavement marker is completely independent and self-directed. It does not depend on anything other than ambient light (i.e. sunlight, partial light, lamps) in order to work properly. 

Flashing Function 

Solar pavement marker designed to flash or always ON in low visibility and at night, LED pavement marker assists drivers in seeing the road, preventing accidents and injuries. 

Why Solar Energy? 

Solar energy is consistent and will power the units at a fixed rate. Power generation is possible even during rainy or cloudy weather. Solar energy does not require batteries, making it the most economical way to keep drivers safe. 

Long Distance Visibility 

Visible up to one mile, the solar LED pavement marker is the perfect safety addition to any road or highway. 

Easy to Install 

Each solar LED pavement marker takes only a few minutes to install. Simply clean the road surface and affix the solar LED pavement marker with a high strength adhesive or use the side anchor holes for mechanical fixation. 

Effective Warning 

LED lights are the best option for solar LED pavement markers because they provide a significant increase in advance warning for drivers. NOKIN solar pavement markers with IONintel chip electronics use very little energy, and provide the utmost in safety and visibility. Unlike conventional reflective markers, the LED Solar pavement marker is visible up to a mile away and beyond helping to prevent accidents. Dual illumination Markers emit and reflect light which is extremely important especially on road sections that are able to pickup an approaching headlight beam especially in wet and rainy weather.