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The 4 Best Solar Road Stud Lights in NOKIN for the Philippines Market

Shenzhen Nokin Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research and development of solar energy and LED technology in the field of road safety, and has a number of patents in this field. After more than 10 years of export experience in the Philippines, we have 4 models of solar road stud lights that are very popular in the Philippines. Let's take a look at the four models below!

1. 4-ways solar road stud lights X6(G105)

This solar road stud light is the most common flush-type solar stud in the Philippines, with a diameter of 123mm, which is the smallest of the four. It has 6 super bright LED light beads, these LED light beads are distributed in four directions of the road stud, and it is also the only 4-ways solar road stud light among the four models, with a pressure resistance of 40 tons, aluminum shell, It is suitable for government projects or private projects or garages, etc.


2.NOKIN solar road stud light A10

In the previous article, I also specifically introduced that this solar road stud light is an upgrade of our old model. The painting process from the PC and the shell has been upgraded and improved. The biggest change is that its waterproof performance has been greatly improved. The PC cover of the old solar road stud A10 is only covered on the surface and fixed with screws, so it is easy to get water. After the upgrade, you will find that the PC case is locked under the aluminum case, and the inside of the road stud light still has Waterproof silicone strip, the silicone strip is embedded in a special card slot, so the waterproof performance is greatly improved.


3. 6 safety locks solar stud NK-143(IL300)

Just like its name, the size of this solar road stud light is dia143*47mm, it is a flush type solar road stud with 6 screws, it complies with the latest DPWH regulations for solar road studs, and the compression resistance is as high as 80 tons. Very suitable for government projects, waterproof rating IP68, is a high-quality solar road stud light.


4. 6 safety locks solar road stud light NK-150(IL300)

This solar road stud light is the largest and heaviest among the four, and its size is dia150*50mm. The price of this solar road stud is the same as that of NK-143, and they both are our new model in 2022 , This road stud light also meets the latest DPWH regulations for solar road studs, with a compression resistance of 80 tons, can be installed in the center of the road, and has 5 colors to choose from.


Below we also summarize the parameters of these four best-selling NOKIN solar road studs in the Philippines. I hope these will help you choose the right solar road stud light. If you need the price of these solar road studs, please contact us for a free quotation.
Model X6 A20 NK-143 NK-150
Size 123*47mm 133*47mm 143*47mm 150*50mm
Solar panel 5V/60mA 5V/80mA 5V/60mA 5V/80mA
Battery 1100mAh 1100mAh 1100mAh 1100mAh
LED Quantity 6 LEDs 6 LEDs 6 LEDs 6 LEDs
LED loaction 4 sides 2 sides 2 sides 2 sides
Screw quantity 4 PCS 4 PCS 6 PCS 6 PCS
Load capacity 40 tons 40 tons 80 tons 80 tons
Water proof IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68
Weight 814g 940g 1210g 1210g