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Special Type of Road Stud Markers

The solar road stud marker, a common traffic barrier, is used to guide people to drive in the right direction, prevent over speeding and reduce traffic accidents. It is mainly used in highways and railways.
The specification of the solar road stud marker is generally 100 mm * 100 mm * 20 mm, and the maximum height is not more than 25 mm. There are many kinds of reflectors, such as reflectors, reflective beads, LED luminous, reflective film and so on.

solar road stud marker
The tunnel active road stud marker is a kind of traffic safety facility which is more advanced than solar road stud marker. It uses solar panel or AC power as input source, and controls the work of road stud marker through controller, and flashes or lights up at the same time. The effect is more obvious than solar road stud marker. There is a wire connection between each road stud marker. Generally, each group of controllers can control about 1000 meters in diameter.
The folding intelligent wireless road stud marker sends the wireless signal through the controller. As the receiving signal, the road stud marker works according to the signal. There is no wire connection between the road stud markers, so the construction is convenient. But the interference of transmitting and receiving wireless signals is difficult.

solar road stud marker
Luminous road stud marker, commonly known as fluorescent road stud marker, is a kind of safety oriented road road stud marker specially developed for low grade highway with poor traffic conditions at night. Compared with conventional reflective  road stud marker, it not only has passive light source function when there is active light source, but also can give warning and guidance to a certain extent when there is no active light source for passing vehicles or pedestrians effect.