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The Detection of Road Stud Markers (1)

The article National Road Stud Detection Fraud once caused widespread concern. On April 23, 2008, the general office of the Ministry of transport issued The Notice on the Results of Quality Supervision and Random Inspection of Traffic Products in 2007, which described the quality of plastic road stud markers last year.
A total of 8 Enterprises' contour mark and protruding road stud marker products, and 114 samples were selected. The sampling qualified rate was 24.6%. The sampling qualified rate of contour marks is 0%. The qualified rate of the raised road stud markers is 66.7%. 

road stud marker
The main quality problems of solar road stud markers are that the compression resistance, impact resistance, luminous intensity coefficient, product identification and other indicators do not meet the standard requirements. 24.6% of the total pass rate, 0% of the contour mark pass rate and 66.7% of the protruding road stud marker pass rate. These data do reflect the serious quality problems of plastic road nails in China.
In the United States, the applicable standard for road stud marker is ASTM4280. China have made reference to ASTM4280 to a great extent when formulating the standard. And in some provisions, Chinese standard even exceeds the American standard. For example, due to the serious overloading of Chinese vehicles, the requirements for the compression resistance of road stud markers have exceeded the American standards. Moreover, the revision of domestic road stud marker standards keeps pace with the times and basically achieves the practical and realistic requirements.

road stud marker
Since the standard of road stud markers is qualified, the problem of low passing rate of road stud markers should be caused by detection. There are three ways to detect the quality of road stud markers in China. First, the testing department only detect and is responsible for the samples. Second, the testing department only inspect the quality of a batch of goods. Third, the testing department inspects the factory to find out whether there are qualified machines and system, then issue a batch production license.