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Solar road studs very popular in the Philippines(Ⅰ)

With the continuous development of import and export trade of countries around the world, China, as the largest exporter, is exporting more and more commodities. In terms of traffic safety products, the export volume of solar road studs, reflective road studs, and solar traffic sign lights is also increasing. These products are very popular in developing countries, especially some countries in the Philippines, whose export volume has always ranked first Several former.


In China, there are many suppliers exporting solar road studs. As a consumer, how should we choose? Next, we introduce some important metrics for you. When buying products on the Internet, we all hope to find good quality and cheap merchants. Generally, as a manufacturer, we will mail samples to customers, and only need customers to pay for the postage. Of course, there are also some force majeure factors, such as samples arriving in the hands of customers. There will be damage, which is also a very small probability event. I hope that customers can give us some tolerance before cooperation.
The quality of a cat eye road stud product depends on its compression resistance, wear resistance, whether it is afraid of high and low temperatures, whether the brightness can meet our needs and the quality of the manufacturing process. These are the most important things we inspect. After-sales service is also essential. The service life of solar road stud products is generally more than three years. For example, aluminum-embedded solar road studs have an extremely low damage rate.
Shenzhen Nokin Traffic Facilities Co., Limited is a solar road stud manufacturer and exporter with 20 years of export experience, the quality of our road stud lights is higher than that of our peers, and there are much excellent quality feedback from customers. After so many years of understanding the market, we have been committed to producing high-quality products and strictly controlling them to ensure that the products that reach customers are of absolute quality and quantity. Integrity is the foundation of our business operations.
Henan Hoan Traffic Facilities Co., Limited is an exporter of traffic safety products with 10 years of export experience. The quality of its road stud products is also very good. We also often conduct some technical exchanges and cooperative learning to make progress together. Keep improving your technical capabilities in the industry and broaden your thinking barriers. Of course, there are several other companies. Let's introduce them next time!