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Solar Road Studs On Zebra Crossing In China


There are many application of solar road studs, which can be used on highways, park, airports and etc. If you come to China, you may see the most applications of solar road stud in China are installed on zebra crossings because China has a large population and the city's traffic is very congested. Use smart solar road studs and traffic lights in combination to solve traffic congestion and enhance the role of warning.

solar road stud

There are many types of smart zebra crossing road studs in China, which are classified into ordinary type, compression resistance, and overload resistance in terms of compression resistance. The overload problem of Chinese trucks is very prominent, and it can even make the bridge roll over. The "anti-overload" type solar road stud is a product designed for this problem.

The solar road studs on both sides of the "wisdom zebra crossing" can show red and green colors as the signal lights change. When the light is green, the solar road studs is displayed in flashing green; when the light is red, the solar road studs is switched to red. The road stud lights work 24 hours, which greatly improves the visibility of the zebra crossing at night. At the same time, traffic information is transmitted more accurately in bad weather such as rainy days and haze days.

What I want to remind you is if you choose a solar road stud installed on a zebra crossing, it must have a strong compression resistance and can be installed in the middle of the road. The price of this type of solar road studs will be more expensive than ordinary solar road stud.

The solar road stud NK-RS-X5 from NOKIN traffic is the road stud that can be used in middle of road, lt is also one of the patent products in NOKIN Traffic, loading capacity more than 40 tons, following is the application video for your reference, welcome to contact us to get the price and more product information!