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Solar Road Studs in China

Do you know solar road stud? Solar road stud is a kind of traffic lighting, and street lights, night signs play the same role. Solar road stud is usually installed at the edge or the middle of the road to illuminate the edge of the road and remind passing vehicles and pedestrians. With the increasing number of private cars, solar road studs have been used in many cities.
Recently, Linzhou city has installed a number of solar road studs: Red solar road studs, blue solar road studs, amber solar road studs, etc. When a netizen passed by, he found a row of flashing solar road studs beside the zebra crossing. They are curious: what is the function of this square solar road stud? Solar road stud is able to indicate the road and remind vehicles to drive slowly at night or in rainy and foggy weather.

This is a solar road stud, which can effectively prevent traffic accidents. Therefore, solar road studs have been installed on the roads of many cities. In the case of dim light, the solar road stud will automatically turn on the flashing function, and the influence of haze weather will be more obvious. Solar road stud is a new product with high efficiency solar panel, bulletproof panel and other advanced technology.


In the past, some road stud products need to be powered on, but solar road stud can optimize the function of road stud to a certain extent. What is more solar road studs can withstand the rolling weight of 30 tons. The service life of qualified solar road stud is generally about three years.


In recent years, more and more road studs in China have been used in combination with traffic lights or signs. Traffic safety facilities such as solar synchronization road studs and solar pedestrian crossing signs can improve the effect of night warning, and have the characteristics of independent power supply, high-precision synchronized flashing, low power consumption, and strong pressure resistance, which can prevent drivers from vertigo. After the rectification, the pedestrian crossing will not only "light up", it also effectively solves the needs of surrounding residents to cross the street, and greatly reduces the accident rate.