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Solar Road Studs Are Important To Road Safety


solar studsPeople will find that more and more roads and streets are using solar road studs. That's because it can
be recharged automatically by the sunlight. At the same time, it can help save more energy to develop
other transportation facilities. Besides, it is also environmentally friendly. In other words, it is pollution-
free, so solar studs is preferably used in many fields, such as urban roads, tunnels, parking lots,
expressways and factories.

Solar road stud are equipped with solar cells. At the same time, LED maintenance-free lighting can
provide power. These devices are used in road construction to delineate road edges and centerlines.
Also, solar road stud can be installed on either side of the road. What's more, it doesn't take up much
space. And it costs very little. 

The reason why people choose to use solar studs to road safety is that it is an advance in electronics compared to the traditional cat's eye. The improvement gives the driver more reaction time than about 3 seconds for a conventional reflector. What's more, the intense brightness of the solar studs may make them easily visible at a distance under the right conditions. Visual range up to 900 meters. In addition, solar studs can be recharged automatically during the day. Most importantly, it is more visible even in rain and fog.

The solar road studs are strong enough to avoid damage from passing vehicles. What's more, the use of solar studs to road safety can reduce the use of headlights and the consequent risk of driver confusion. Due to the special properties of the solar studs, it is more useful for separating lanes, corners, indicating and warning of heavy traffic. In addition, its application can help avoid many traffic accidents. In a word, as long as it helps traffic safety, solar road studs will be better used.

All solar road studs from NOKIN Traffic have a unique, patented solar current conversion. Thanks to this technology, our Solar Road Studs have the highest level of lighting (durability), which eliminates the need for expensive cabling installation. Innovative design, milled from stainless steel, make our Solar Road Studs resistant and increase road safety for several years.