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Solar Road Stud Samples Room Has Completed The Upgrade In NOKIN Group


Nokin Group has completed the upgrade of the solar road stud samples room and conference room.

As a manufacturer of road studs, Nokin Group has exported the solar road studs to more than 60 countries around the world. Every year, guests from different countries visit the factory. Today, Nokin Group has completed the upgrade and renovation of the road studs samples room and conference room at the new office address. The added parts including Nokin's cultural display, sample display, application scenarios and team display. In this way, the customer can systematically understands Nokin Group and the products.

Solar Road Stud

The sample room is connected to the conference room, so that customers can refer to samples while discussing business, which enhances the practicality of the conference room.

"The advent of solar road studs has brought great convenience to road safety. Many unnecessary Giti accidents can be avoided by strengthening the use of traffic safety products. This is also the goal that Nokin has been working to produce more and more intelligent products. The road safety products are responsible for drivers traveling on the road. Partners from all over the world are also welcome to visit Nokin, "said Victor Qin, the CEO of Nokin Group.



Nokin Group was founded in 2001, and its main products are solar road studs, reflective road studs, solar signs, solar street lights and road marking machines. If you need other road safety products, you can also contact us. Nokin Group will surely control the quality for you and put high-quality products in your hands.