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Powerful NOKIN Solar Road Stud Markers

The solar road stud marker system consists of a modular, self contained lighting device that can be used for decorative or traffic flow purposes, powered only by solar energy. Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Solar Energy Lighting Road Stud Markers are changing the future of lighting signals. The application of LED technology in solar road stud markers is fast gaining popularity and replacing the conventional incandescent light bulbs in existing lighting signals.

solar road stud marker
At NOKIN Traffic, we have strive to create, develop and manufacture high brightness, low power consumption LEDs. The result is our energy-saving and cost-efficient solar road stud marker products. Our LED solar road stud marker system modules consumes only a tenth of the energy when used by incandescent light bulbs and have an operating life of solar road stud markers up to 15 years, lowering overall operating and maintenance costs by as much as 100 %.
Our modules are designed to fit into the road surface. All internal LED and electronic components of solar road stud markers are assured to withstand mechanical shock resistance and vibration.
solar road stud marker
Our solar road stud markers is available in 5 colors. Users can arrange solar road stud markers in any imaginable shape or space to achieve a variety of desired effects for residential or commercial applications in high-traffic or isolated areas. They can be easily installed just like a standard brick or tile on horizontal or vertical surfaces.
Solar road stud markers is energy cost saving powered by the sun with no wiring and no electric outlet required. It can stay illuminated all night (up to 16 hours) with full charge. Maintenance Cost Saving Lasts more than 15 years with less than 20 % performance degradation in charging efficiency, luminance level and lighting time over a 15 year period.