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Solar Road Stud Manufacturer NOKIN Wish You Merry Christmas

In the coming 2021, NOKIN will sincerely thank each customer for your support, because with your support, we can do better. NOKIN, the manufacturer of solar road studs, wishes all friends from all over a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


As a leading manufacturer of solar road studs in China, NOKIN has specially arranged Christmas trees in order to create and experience the festive atmosphere of foreign friends. On the Christmas tree we arranged, you can see several very bright rectangular lights. These beautiful lights are also one of Nokin's solar road studs. This is Nokin's private model solar road stud. The thickness is only 11mm and the weight is only 120g. I think hanging on the Christmas tree is a cool idea.

solar road stud supplier

These solar road studs are powered by solar energy captured from natural sunlight by a built-in solar panel and stored in the solar stud's internal battery. Due to this active light output, compared with traditional reflective road stud, they provide 10 times the visibility of the road ahead, providing drivers with visibility up to 900m. In recent years, solar road studs have been accepted by more and more people as road safety products, and their appearance and function have also come in many different types according to market demand.


Among NOKIN solar road studs, you will see solar road studs made of aluminum material. This type of solar road stud can be used in areas with heavy traffic. There are also solar road studs made of PC material. The appearance of this type of solar road stud looks beautiful and can be used for decoration in gardens and parks. There are also square and round solar road studs. There are many types, and NOKIN can also customize solar road studs according to customer requirements.

Here, NOKIN wishes all friends a Happy New Year again and hopes that we can cooperate happily in 2022. In addition to solar road studs, we can also provide reflective road studs, solar road sign, solar street lights and road marking machines, If necessary, welcome to consult us, you can contact our online customer service or email or WhatsApp. NOKIN will also work harder in the new year to provide you with better services and solar road stud products.