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Selection of Reflective Road Stud


Reflective road stud, also known as raised pavement marker, are fixed on the road surface to serve as markers. It works with the marking line to mark the road outline. Especially when there is water on the road surface, it can mark the linear contour instead of the marking line. In recent years, with the rapid
development of highway construction and the increasing emphasis on road traffic safety, the use of reflective road nails has become more and more common.

raised pavement marker

 We recommend that customers consider the following aspects when choosing a reflective road stud.
 1.The reflective road stud has outstanding technical performance, strong anti failure and good   reflective effect.
 2.The difficulty of construction organization, the length of construction period.
 3.Little impact on road surface and safe driving.
 4.Convenient for future maintenance and replacement.
 5.Mature product technology with successful application cases.
 6.Moderate price and high cost performance.

For the sake of traffic safety, it is required that the minimum reflective performance index of road studs should be higher than the requirements of ministerial standards.
reflective road stud
In terms of the shape and construction requirements of the raised pavement marker, the reflective road stud with ancher can improve the bond strength between the road stud and the road surface, but the pavement must be formed on the pavement during the installation process, which will have a negative impact on the road surface. And the construction period is long. The footless road stud has less damage to the road surface and the construction period is short, but because the reflective road studs are stuck on the ground with glue,the possibility of the road stud falling off is relatively large.