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Solar Road Stud Light Compression Resistance and Sealing Performance

Solar road stud light is mainly used for warning of road edge line, road central isolation line, road edge indication, river source, islands and reefs, roadblocks, etc. Solar road studs can also be applied to the lighting of road sources such as city squares, parks, residential quarters and factory areas. There are various forms of solar road studs, and their installation positions are also different. No matter what kind of solar road stud lights, the basic characteristics should be considered from the following aspects. Next, I will introduce the compression resistance and sealing performance of solar road studs.


Compression resistance of solar road stud. Why should we first emphasize the compressive performance of solar road studs? If the solar road stud light can not bear certain pressure and breaks after the car is rolled or impacted, it will not work normally. Therefore, compression resistance should be the most basic condition for the normal operation of solar road studs. In addition, the solar road stud light will generate debris after fragmentation. The fragments of solar road stud lights scattered on the road will have an adverse impact on passing vehicles.


The solar road stud light itself is an electronic product. It is very difficult for the electronic components of solar road studs to have high compressive performance. Therefore, generally speaking, the compressive performance of solar road stud is worse than that of ordinary road stud. At present, according to the requirements of relevant technical standards of the Ministry of transport, the compression resistance index of solar road stud light must reach 10 tons.

In order to further improve the compression resistance of solar road studs, solar road stud light manufacturers have come up with various methods. There are several methods to effectively improve the compressive performance of solar road studs. First, the exposed solar panels are made of PC bulletproof materials to enhance the compression resistance of the electronic components of the solar road stud light. Second, IC control shall be adopted in solar road stud light as far as possible to reduce the volume of an electronic circuit and the pressure on electronic components. Third, some stiffeners are designed on the shell of the solar road stud light to share the pressure on the electronic components. Through these methods, NOKIN now has solar road stud lights with a compression resistance of more than 40 tons.


The sealing performance of solar road stud light. If the solar road stud light is not completely sealed, water will seep. Water seepage of solar road stud will cause a short circuit, and the consequences are disastrous. Therefore, the sealing performance of a qualified solar road stud must be qualified. In order to achieve the standard sealing performance, solar road stud manufacturers generally fill the inside of solar road stud with gule.