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Solar Reflective Road Stud Markers in Weining Highway

Solar road stud markers are a good solution for both safe and sustainable infrastructures, providing superior distance visibility of the road layout ahead. Solar road studs activate at the beginning of twilight.

Solar road stud markers
The K304 + 000-K307 + 000 section of G356 line (the original S102 line) in Weining section is high in altitude, and heavy fog occurs frequently in rainy and rainy days. When vehicles suddenly drive into the fog area, the vision becomes dark and the visibility is greatly reduced. The driver is unable to predict the linear direction of the highway, which is easy to cause traffic accidents.
After investigation and research, the light operated raised solar road stud markers are installed on both sides of the pavement edge line of K304 + 000-K307 + 000 section of G356 line in Weining section, covering a total mileage of 3km, throughout the whole fog area.

Solar road stud markers
The light operated raised solar road stud markers absorb sunlight in the daytime and convert the solar energy into electric energy storage. At night, the electric energy in the energy storage device is automatically converted into light energy, and the road contour is outlined by the led to guide the driver's line of sight.
The active light-emitting reflective raised solar road stud markers not only successfully avoids the interference of rain and fog, but also breaks away from the dependence on the car lighting, so the visual distance is longer and the effect is better. The raised solar road stud markers out the road contour in rainy and foggy weather and road bends, and the high-intensity light penetrates the rain and fog. It can guide the driver safely and effectively, create a safe traffic environment, and greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.