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Solar Power Road Stud Markers Application

The first road stud marker powered by solar energy was created to provide a clearly visible traffic guidance in all weathers. Unlike conventional reflective road markers, the solar road stud markers with super capacitor do not rely on headlights to delineate the road ahead. Using bright LEDs, projected light from each marker can be seen at up to 1000m away during nighttime darkness.

solar road stud marker
For night or fog use, electronics in the markers monitor ambient light levels, activating the LEDs solar road stud markers when ambient light drops below factory preset levels. The solar road stud markers maintain a charge adequate for full duty cycle. They are re-charged by sunlight, lower level light, and from other light sources such as vehicle headlights. Our solar road stud markers are backed with a one year warranty and have a service life of up to fifteen years.
Solar road stud markers provide road guidance long before normal high-visibility markings and reflective road stud markers become visible. They are also very effective in fog, where conventional reflected light actually works against visibility. The particularly cast and fluted shank of the stud avoids its twisting when embedded into the road surface
The constant flashes and integrated reflectors of solar road stud markers guarantee a driver’s safe guide in streets at night and bad weather.

solar road stud marker
Solar road stud markers can be applied in pavement markings for no entrance warnings into one way streets and freeway off ramps, highly visible indicator of center divider and crosswalks at intersections, sharp curves or mountain roads with reduced visibility of roads ahead, hazard marking or delineation for bicycle and pedestrian trails, blind corners, fog hazard areas, airport, accident black spots, hydrant marking and Many other applications yet to be imagined!