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Solar LED Smart Road Stud Are Used In Combination With Traffic Lights


led smart road stud175 LED smart road studs have been installed at Switch Island junction on merseyside. The three intersections, which will be used by more than 90,000 vehicles a day, will now be lit in sync with the green cycle of traffic lights to provide enhanced lane guidance and safely guide drivers through the complex intersections.

After the official launch of the smart road stud, Andy Salotti, director of solutions, said: "this is the first time a project involving dynamic contours has been introduced at a major motorway interchange on strategic roads in the UK. We are proud to be part of it. Solar LED road studs will be lit in sync with the green light of the traffic signal to provide enhanced lane guidance, which will reduce the risk to drivers crossing the intersection.

The led smart road studs are part of A £3 million project by the British road association in partnership with A company to improve safety at the junction where the M57, M58 and three a-roads merge. Unlike conventional reflective road studs, which rely on car headlights and can reach about 90 metres, this solar led road stud can be seen from as far as 900 metres.

By synchronizing led smart road stud with traffic lights, the smart road studs automatically turn green, providing clear guidance to the driver, and then turn them off when the sequence is complete. They have been installed to replace the traditional white lines, which have been damaged by heavy traffic and have caused drivers to drift in lanes.