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Solar LED Road Marker In Our Daliy Life


Today, road lighting systems are widely regarded as an indispensable tool for controlling traffic flow in many applications. In practice, such a system operates well above the road surface and uses a variety of well-known and widely accepted colors, in which lights in specific directions make the driver 's information clear, which improves the outward direction of the road while enhancing security.

solar led road marker

In these lighting systems, the solar led road marker are rechargeable, compact and easy to install, which has become a low-cost, maintenance-free and effective alternative to overhead street lamps. Excellent road / path visibility while avoiding the problems associated with battery-powered markers. Solar road marker is the first and only product that provides the latest technology of capacitor unit as energy source. In the dark, led road marker using bright LEDs, the projected light from each mark can be seen 800 meters away. For night or foggy use, the electronic device in the solar led road marker monitors the ambient light level and activates the LED when the ambient light falls below the factory preset level.

Features of solar led road marker:
* High shock resistance, energy saving and environmental protection.
* Works automatically when night falls or when the weather is bad.
* These solar led road marker are naturally charged in the sun.
* When it starts to dim every night, the LED light will automatically light up.
* Cost effective, easy to install and absolutely no wiring or maintenance required.
* Significantly improve the appearance of your garden / yard / driveway.
* Special design should take into account road safety, which can help prevent serious accidents and emit instead of reflecting light.
* Solar led road marker only needs to charge for a few hours under sunlight, and it can run for more than 24 hours


solar led road marker

At first, these solar led road marker were specifically designed for roads. For roads with (or considered to have) hazardous characteristics (including elbows, downhill slopes, or intersections), solar road marker can provide a better profile, while at complex intersections , Opening / closing of ramps and driveways where solar led road marker can provide better guidance. However, with the development of technology, more and more requirements for the function of led road marker have been made. Now, you can also see the colarful solar led road markers in farms, parks, docks, bridges, apartment stairs, etc.

I believe that the future use of solar led road marker will be more than the above uses, they will appear in every corner of our lives.