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Embedded Solar LED Road Marker And Raised Solar LED Road Marker


The main problems of solar led road marker all over the world:

1. There is no pressure resistance, can not bear the rolling of vehicles.

 First, this usually beause the inside of solar led road marker is empty. The internal of solar road marker must be solid. Secondly, the raised solar led road markers have limited pressure resistance. So far, there is no one raised solar led road marker that can be used in busy traffic areas and the center line as stress-resistant.

2. The service life is too short.

 The life of nickel-cadmium batteries is only half a year. The life of Ni-MH batteries is only 3 years. However, if you use lithium-ion batteries, the service life may be as long as 8-10 years. For most uses, this is sufficient, but if a capacitor is used, it may exceed 10 years. However, in order to pursue cheap prices, the market environment has forced manufacturers to supply cheap nickel-metal hydride batteries. Reduced the service life of solar led road marker .

damaged solar led road marker

How to choose these two types of solar led road marker:
1.Embedded solar led road marker
– Because it is only a few millimeters away from the road surface, which puts it under greater pressure. Embedded solar led road marker can be used in almost all road conditions.
2. Raised solar led road marker
– This type of solar led road marker cannot be used for the center line, but only for the side line or lane stone. And can not be used in areas with heavy traffic. The garden may be a good choice.

Comparison of the application of these two types of solar led road marker:

Why the design of Nokin Traffic is a better choice for you?
1. High compression resistance, embedded solar led road marker can also be used in the road centerline, protruding height on the road is only a few millimeters.
2. Product installation is easier and the cost is lower. And can be used for all types of highways and country roads.
3. The inside of solar led road marker is sturdy, much stronger than other solar road marker with empty inside.
4. The unit cost is much lower than other solar led road marker.