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Solar LED Road Marker Help Reduce Traffic Accident


solar led road markerThe solar led road marker is made of aluminum alloy and high durability polycarbonate material. Solar road markers are ideal for permanent or temporary marking. Due to the prismatic reflective elements of various colors on both sides of the road column, led road marker have high visibility during the day. At night, because six high-power LEDs are automatically actuated by sensitive photocells, visibility can be achieved.

Adding embedded LED lights to each solar led road marker, by increasing the driver's reaction time, makes these reflectors have obvious advantages over traditional road studs. Since the reaction time is mainly based on vision, solar road marker can provide drivers with a reaction time of up to 30 seconds, compared to 3.2 seconds for conventional road studs. The driver has ten times the wide field of vision and can reduce the accident rate by up to 70%.

The environmental benefits of these solar led road marker:
• Solar energy is renewable, greenhouse-friendly energy;
• The capacitor used as an energy storage battery has a minimum life of 20,000 cycles or 55 years;
• Installation using non-toxic epoxy resin;
• Compared with the traditional excessive luminescence, the disturbance to the fragile ecosystem is minimal.

Solar led road markers are a kind of practical road safety equipment used for roads in urban or interurban, shopping centers, parking lots, residential areas parking lots, public and private institutional parking lots, etc. LED road marker are used as traffic lane regulators and road separators. By self-illuminating, it can provide effective vision. Guide the driver at night and in bad weather.