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Solar LED Road Marker For Sale


solar led road markerSolar led road marker are devices embedded on the road surface to delineate the edges and centerlines of the road. Road delineators are raised pavement markings used to guide traffic and serve as safety devices for pedestrians and motorists. The design of led road markers and road delineators are designed to protect and minimize the risk of accidents, control the wrong vehicles and enhance road safety.

Solar led road marker are powered only by sunlight. During the day, they use internal solar panels to absorb sunlight to generate electricity and store them in batteries. There is no running cost, saving laying expensive cables, led road marker must be the most environmentally friendly lights around. No maintenance is required.

No one intentionally caused an accident. Once everyone realizes that the threat is approaching, they will immediately invade in an intuitive way. When an accident occurs, it is usually because it is too late or unaware of the dangerous situation. Solar led road marker greatly reduce the probability of traffic accidents. It can be seen at a very long distance. The visible distance is about 10 times that of traditional road studs, giving drivers ten times more reaction time. Solar led road markers are very beneficial to pedestrian safety.

Solar led road markers are commonly used in tunnels, turns, refuge islands, highway ramps, mountain roads, etc. The solar road marker for sale by NOKIN Traffic have been installed all over the world, parks in South Korea, private airports in Brazil, terminals in the United States, highway entrances in Saudi Arabia and so on. Nokin's led road marker have conquered customers all over the world with quality. We are also seeking strong partners. If you need solar led road markers or want to expand your product list, please contact us by email.