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Solar LED Cats Eyes Suppliers Advise You To Use Them Not Only on Road.

Solar LED cats eyes was invented to used in the road to improve the line of sight of the driver at night or under bad weathers such as fog and rain, to ensure driving safety and to reduce traffic accidents.NOKIN group as LED cats eyes suppliers suggest you that cats eyes on road also can be used in these aspects:

1.The airport 

At the airport, solar LED cats eyes around the track edge to guide the plane as it takes off and lands. This kind of lighting can neither illuminate the runway nor the airport. Instead, those lights can mark the size (length and width) of the runway. Therefore, whether at night or under other low visibility conditions, the pilot has a good reference point between the position of the aircraft and the runway. All these solar LED cats eyes installed on the runway can attract the attention of the pilotundefineds eyes. They are especially useful when vision is limited, such as on foggy nights, or when it rains or snows heavily.
Solar LED Cats Eyes in airport


Some users on the farm install the solar LED cats eyes on the head of the animals. Can you think of solar LED cats eyes role? Yes, it is installed on an animal to prevent animals from being lost or to find him at night. 
Solar LED Cats Eyes in farms

3. Bridge deckings

Another feature of the solar LED cats eyes is that they have sparkling lights, so the good-looking solar LED cats eyes can be installed on the bridge deck as ornaments, allowing passers-by to pass through the bridge and adding beautiful lights to the bridge deck.
Solar LED Cats Eyes in bridge

NOKIN Group as as LED cats eyes suppliers in China, we have exported to more than 60 countries, if you want to know more appliction of solar LED cats eyes,welcome to visit our case page,hope you can get more inspiration!