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Solar LED Cat Eyes Help You Cross The Road


solar led cat eyesThe pedestrian crossing is about 200 meters south of the intersection of Chuangxin Avenue and Xiyou Road in Hefei High-tech Zone. At the same time, Chuangxin Avenue is a two-way 10-lane road with a speed limit of 60 kilometers and a large number of vehicles. There are many pedestrians and vehicles, which makes this place prone to traffic accidents. According to statistics from the high-tech brigade of the Hefei Traffic Police Detachment, at least two casualties occurred here in 2018.

Since this pedestrian crossing is too close to the intersection of Chuangxin Avenue and Xiyou Road, it is not appropriate to set a signal light. So, how to ensure traffic safety? Earlier this year, the "Smart Zebra Crossing" was piloted for the first time in the city of Hefei. This "Smart Zebra Crossing '" is actually composed of light-emitting solar led cat eyes, and it is equipped with a voice reminder function and a pedestrian sensing device to form a smart zebra crossing.

Solar cat eyes are installed at the two ends of the zebra crossing. They emit warning lights through LEDs to warn drivers to slow down or wait for parking. At the same time, remind pedestrians to pay attention to vehicles to improve the safety of pedestrians crossing the road.

Since the trial of the Smart Zebra crossing with solar led cat eyes for 6 months, the traffic conditions on this section have been greatly improved, and there are no traffic accidents. The solar cat eyes flash at the same frequency. The driver can see the blinking lights of the solar cat eyes 500 meters away, and will slow down to ensure the safety of pedestrians.