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Something You Need to Know When Buy Solar LED Cat Eye on Road


Something you need to know when buy solar LED cat eye on road,here are the tips!

1.The Pressure Resistance Value Is Unqualified

If the cat eyes on road have problems with the pressure resistance, and the products are either crushed or separated up and down. This is actually caused by unreasonable structure, and the main performance of the structure is unreasonable.

2. The Inner Of Solar LED Cat Eyes Is Hollow, Hollow Does Not Resist Pressure.

The internal hollow hazard is also manifested on the LED lampshade, which is destroyed by the hollow, and then the LED itself is destroyed.

solar LED cat eyes

3.Wrong Nailed Structure

The cat eyes on road with shank is divided into two parts, the lower part is the base part with the shank, the upper part is the solar panel, the led and the lampshade, the upper and lower parts are connected by several screws. At present, most of the solar LED cat eyes which with shank are adopt this type structure. When the product is installed on the road surface and fixed with glue, it actually only fixes and bonds the lower half of the solar LED cat eyes, and the upper part is only fixed with the lower part by a few small screws.
The most common problem with the solar studs with shank is that the upper and lower parts are separated. During the rolling process of the vehicle, several screws are too thin and the force is too small, when the car is pressed a few times,the top is flying away.
But the solar LED cat eyes NK-RS-A6-1 which is producted by NOKIN are not need to worry about this problem. There are two small holes on both sides of the upper part of solar LED cat eyes,so the upper part of cat eyes on road can be fiixed on ground with screws, this will solves the problem of separation of solar LED cat eyes.

solar LED cat eyes

4. Pseudo-reflective

The countries that first made the solar road studs into active and passive light were Japanese and Korean companies. Their requirement for solar LED cat eyes is that if the cat eyes on road are not working for various reasons, they can also be compensated by the way of reflective function. Reflective film identification method: put the solar LED cat eyes 10 meters away, hold a small flashlight in your hand, place the flashlight between the two eyes, and the light will illuminate the surface of the product to observe whether it is reflective.
All of those are frequently problem with solar LED cat eyes,hope will help you when you need them and prepare to buy solar cat eyes,also can contact us to get our quote,thank you!