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Solar Cats Eyes Road Studs Installation


It turns out that smart, safe and sustainable solar cats eyes road studs can improve road safety at night. Provide a view of the road layout within the driver's natural line of sight and out of the vehicle's headlight beam.

Each solar cats eyes road studs integrates solar panels to its surface, thereby converting the collected solar energy into electrical energy. The shape of the base is suitable so that it has excellent adhesion to the ground. The material shows extremely high strength on dry and wet roads, and can maintain stable performance over time. The bottom surface is flat and the fixing elements are integrated. This solar cats eyes has a two-component epoxy adhesive that can be easily fixed into the asphalt.

solar cats eyes road studs

Some solar road studs are embedded in the road surface. This method extends their service life and ensures that they can drive over solar cats eyes road studs during heavy traffic. They can be installed in asphalt, concrete elements and all other types of foundations. The biggest advantage is that wiring is no longer required.

Solar Cats Eyes Road Studs Installation Precautions:
• Check whether the solar cats eyes road studs is normally charged and discharged
• Determine the installation location
• Clean the road
• Clean the bottom of the solar road stud and paste it to the ground with epoxy glue
   If it is a solar cats eyes road studs with shank, you first need to drill holes in the road, and then use epoxy glue.
• Wait 8 hours to dry before activating the solar cats eyes
  Make sure that no vehicles are pressed against the solar cats eyes road studs during the drying period.