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Solar Cats Eyes Road Studs For Sale


solar road studs

Since 2001, NOKIN Traffic has launched solar cats eyes road studs with higher visibility than traditional "cats eyes". Its patented NK-RS-X5 solar cats eyes can provide up to 900m of forward vision visibility, even in harsh weather conditions, solar cats eyes provide better guidance and danger warnings for drivers in the dark.

These solar cats eyes road studs will be naturally charged by the sun. Once it gets dark, the LED lights in the solar road studs will automatically light up every night for up to 10 hours. They are designed with special consideration for road safety and can help prevent serious accidents and emit light instead of reflecting it. Solar cats eyes road studs are also known as solar raised pavement markers, solar reflective lane markers and solar warning devices.

Solar cats eyes road studs can effectively mark nerve areas such as pedestrian lanes, traffic islands, bends, and roundabouts. NK-RS-X5 solar road stud is suitable for driving. It is designed to be installed flat on the road, and is not dangerous for two-wheelers.

Solar cats eyes road studs are widely used in infrastructure, including: emphasis on dangerous bends, taking traffic mitigation measures, marking bicycle lanes and roundabouts. In addition, solar cats eyes road studs are very suitable for ports and entertainment venues, and can be used in docks, decks and pedestrian bridges, parking lots and public squares.

Solar cats eyes road studs are sold by NOKIN Traffic all with high quality and received good reviews from customers. So if you need the solar road studs now, contact us for a product inquiry and test our solar cats eyes road studs.