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Solar Cats Eyes Road Studs - A Good Warning Light For Drivers


solar cats eyes

There are so many accidents every day in the world. To avoid traffic accidents, drivers should pay attention to road safety, especially at night or in foggy weather.

Solar cats eyes road studs are flashing, maintenance-free LEDs powered by solar cells used for road construction to depict road edges and centerlines. They are embedded in the road surface and are an electronic improvement of the traditional cat's eye, because they can provide the driver with a reaction window of more than thirty seconds, and under favorable conditions, their viewing distance is about 900 m. Compared to conventional reflective devices, the strong brightness of the LED lamps in the solar cats eyes makes it easy to see by drivers.

The advantages of solar cat eyes road studs are:

– Provide great visibility for drivers at night and during bad weather conditions.
– Prevent fatal accidents and serious injuries caused by hidden and hard-to-see center lines.
– Maximize the drivers ability to operate and maneuver through dark spots, or dangerous sharp-curved areas on the road. 
– Cost effective, easy to install and virtually no maintenance. 
– Use of natural solar energy is good for environmental conservation.

According to our many years of sales experience, the flashing solar cats eyes road studs are have a better warning function to drivers, but if these solar road studs are not flashing synchronously, it will give drivers a very messy feeling, so the constant light solar cats eyes road studs are widely uesd in nowadays roads.