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High Duty Solar Road Stud NK-RS-A6-1 From NOKIN


Solar Road stud NK-RS-A6-1
 Since 2001,Nokin Traffic Facilities have 5 patent products,today,let's see one of patent products solar   road stud NK-RS-A6-1.

 Solar road stud have a lot of performance to measure the quality. Compression is one of the most       important indicators. If the solar road stud can not withstand a certain pressure, it will be easily   broken after the car is crushed or impacted, so it can not work normally. Therefore, compression     resistance is a basic condition for the normal operation of solar road stud. Nokin's NK-RS-A6-1   highduty Road Stud use cost aluminum materials as the outer casing of the product. Japan imports   PC materials to protect the solar panels. It can withstand pressures of more than 30 tons and can be   installed in the middle of the road. The shape design also passed the national patent. Through the   recessed design, the reflectors on both sides can be better protected from being crushed by the   vehicle. Our South African customer, who has installed NOKIN road stud on the highway for 3 years,   still works well.

 In addition,in order to ensure the brightness of the solar road stud for one day,the charging and   conversion capability of solar panels is also an important part, especially in the rainy weather. This   advantage is particularly prominent. Nokin's NK-RS-A6-1 uses solar panels imported from the United   States, and its conversion solar energy capacity is 1.5 times of general board, efficient charging   conversion rate make clients don't worrying about the rainy weather.

 The battery of  this highduty road stud has three forms for customers to choose:NI-MH battery,   Lithium battery and Super capacitor;Life span 2 years for NI-MH battery,5 years for Lithium battery   and 10years for Super capacitor; Blinking and constant two working model,Blinking 140 hours for NI-   MH battery and 130 hours for Lithium battery;Constant 40 hours for  NI-MH battery, 35 hours for   Lithium battery and 15 hours for Super capacitor after fully charged.Waterproof IP68 design,no need   to warry about the sealing performance of solar road stud.

 This high duty road stud can be used in highway(motorway,skyways),tunnel,airport,garage area and   other traffic complicated road.Also can be used  combined with traffic light.If there is no sun light in   where you are install the solar road stud, this type high duty road stud also can be designed as wired   road stud.

 Anyway, you have requirements, we will make it!