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Raised Pavement Marker /Road Stud In China And Other Countries


The studs we say mainly refer to road studs, also known as raised pavement marker. It is a protruding marking block fixed on the pavement and serving as a marking line. It can be used to mark the center line, lane demarcation line and edge line on highways or other roads. It can also be used to mark curves, entrance and exit ramps, and diversion markings , Dangerous road sections such as narrow roads and road obstacles. Generally used in conjunction with road markings, or in the form of simulated road markings. Raised pavement marker a traffic safety facility. Remind the driver to drive along the lane through its reflective performance.

road stud on road

Road stud is actually a kind of imported, from abroad to come over an advanced traffic safety products. Raised pavement marker is an American term for a raised road sign. Another name is road stud, a British or European term for a nail in the road to describe the shape of the road stud.

Raised pavement marker is an American word for road stud in China's national emblem.In this case, let's go to the United States to see how Americans understand and use road studs in its origin.

Although we have been in the road stud industry for 18 years, the large number and wide range of raised pavement marker use in the United States has shocked me. Whether it is on highways, country lanes, or campus roads, whether it is on roadside lines or in the middle line, there are raised pavement marker wherever there are cars.In the southern states of California and Texas, where there is no snow in winter, a large number of non-reflective circular raised pavement marker on the highway, almost all of the same road use this kind of non-reflectiveraised pavement marker paste to form a line. It has good visibility in the daytime, low price, can be used as vibration marking, durability, especially in the case of rain road water, it still has an obvious marking effect. In order to make up for the disadvantage of not being visible at night, a reflective road stud should be added between two groups of non-reflective raised pavement marker at a certain distance.


Raised pavement marker

Later, after communicating with their American counterparts, American drivers have formed such a concept: look at the line during the day, look at the raised pavement marker at night. That is to say, raised pavement marker is the marking line at night, its importance is the same as the marking line, Americans are deep trust and love road studs. (as opposed to the Chinese).

The main reason for the different views of the two countries on the raised pavement marker is that the two countries have different testing methods for the road stud, which leads to the different quality of the raised pavement marker. If you are interested in learning about the different testing methods in the two countries, please refer to another article of ours.