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5 Common Questions About Solar Powered LED Road Marker


We took solar powered road marker to a lot of exhibitions and conferences, people like to see our solar road marker in real life, and naturally, we were asked a lot of questions about solar road marker.

Here are some of the questions we were asked:


Q1: How do solar solar road marker work? (yes, it comes up a lot.)

The reason we were asked this question at the exhibition was because we had a flexible solar lamp, which meant it could work indoors during the day and be used for demonstration purposes. A real solar powered road marker is a solar lamp, which means that during the day, it collects energy from sunlight (for free) and recharges the battery. The built-in automatic on/off sensor tells the led road marker when to open - dusk and when to shut - dawn.

The advantage of harnessing the power of the sun is that you can forgo electricity and all the costs that come with it. By using solar renewable energy, you can not only save money, but also improve the environment. For the avoidance of doubt, no wiring is required and the equipment is self-contained.


solar powered road marker

Q2: Can solar powered road marker be used in winter?

Obviously, because of the use of solar energy, solar road marler depend on sunlight exposure, so they need to be recharged outdoors. When fully charged (8 hours of sunny weather), the led road marker will be lit for more than 140 hours. Such large battery storage capacity means that the operating performance of the solar road marker is optimized, thereby reducing any operational problems caused by limited daylight or bad weather.

Q3: Are solar powered road markers waterproof?

IP stands for "protection level" and is a universal measure of the varying degrees of dust, dirt, and fluid.
NOKIN Group's outdoor solar road marker have been certified as IP68's highest protection class, meaning they can withstand a maximum depth of 1.5m.


waterproof led road marker

Q4: Do solar powered led road markers need batteries?

Solar powered road markers are fitted with long-lived lithium batteries or super capacitors, which are estimated to last more than eight years, so they do not need to be replaced frequently.

Q5: Are solar road marker (solar road stud) easy to install?

NOKIN Group can advise on the best way to install solar road marker. The installation of led road marker is very simple, some just need to be glued to the ground with resin, more complex need basic drilling equipment.

The installation of solar road marker needs to be cleaned to prevent any invasive edges from growing, such as grass or leaves. Next, the desired solar road marker installation location must be pre-marked before the hole is cut. The hole depth needs to be checked to make sure the outer lip of the led road marker is on the surface. Finally, a structural adhesive is applied around the upper wall of the cut and a rubber hammer is used to tap the solar road marker into place to ensure that the outer edge is fixed to the surface.

If you need any further questions answered about our outdoor solar powered road studs products then contact us on info@nk-roadstud.com.