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Solar LED Road Stud Lights in Big City

Solid waste treatment plant at east of Xiamen city implements new energy-saving project and installs hundreds of solar power LED road stud lights (LED light source, light efficiency is equal to 100W or 150W sodium lamp) to save energy.

solar road stud markers
Solar LED road lights take LED as the light source. During the day, the solar energy is converted into electric energy by solar cell and stored in the battery. At night, the battery provides power to drive the street lamp. It does not need to lay complex pipelines. It is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free. It is a kind of strategy of efficient green lighting. Taking the road lighting project of Xiamen East solid waste treatment plant as an example, this paper analyzes the energy saving effect of solar LED road lights.
The service life of high-pressure sodium lamp is 10000 hours, and that of solar LED road light is 70000 hours. According to the calculation of 10 hours per day, solar LED road light can be used for 20 years, which is 7 times of high-pressure sodium lamp. During the service life of solar LED road light, the battery needs to be replaced 5 times (once every 4 years, the unit price is 680 yuan / piece), and the high-pressure sodium bulb and ballast need to be replaced 7 times (each time the labor and machinery cost is 200 yuan).

solar road stud markers
The road lighting in the solid waste treatment center is illuminated for 10 hours every day. Based on 365 days per year, 133 sets of 180W (including ballast loss of 30W) high pressure sodium lamp and 43 sets of 120W (including ballast loss of 20W) sodium lamp can save 106200 KWh a year. The life span of solar LED road light is 20 years. The total energy saving of solar LED road light is 2124300 KWh.