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Plastic Road Pavement Markers For Sale


There are many different road studs that play an important role in our daily lives. Today, more and more cities and sidewalks are using plastic road marker, which has become a trend. In fact, in addition to plastic road pavement markers, there are many other road studs, such as glass road studs, aluminum road studs, LED road studs. They have different advantages and functions.

plastic road marker

Plastic road marker have good reflective ability. This reflector produces the effect of a diamond. At the same time, it is so beautiful under the lights that the driver can feel the reflection within a certain distance. So driving at night is useful. In addition, it has the function of anti-shock. No cracks were found within a certain distance from the test point. They must build some features to cope with bad weather. More importantly, it is waterproof. After prolonged immersion in water, there is no crack, penetration, wrinkle, etc. At the same time, there is no alcohol penetration and no damage after soaking for more than 1min. Another great advantage of plastic road pavement markers is that they are cheap.

Plastic Road Pavement Markers

Compared with plastic road marker, solar road studs have the special function of automatic solar charging. Solar road studs are flashing, and solar road stud free LED maintenance. At the same time, in road construction, free-lighting devices are used to delineate road edges. Compared with the traditional plastic road marker, this is an electronic technology improvement, because it can make the driver's response time exceed "hunger and thirst" for one second, while the traditional plastic road marker has only about 3 seconds. Under the specified conditions, the high brightness of the LEDs makes them easily visible within a certain distance.

Different types of studs may emphasize different advantages. They are suitable for different places. In order to meet the needs of the market, plastic road pavement markers for sale by more and more manufacturers.