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NOKIN Provides Better Solar Road Stud Lights

The solar road stud light works even better than the glass road stud because it uses solar energy and needs no maintenance, which is economical with long-term use and complies with the requirement of environmental protection. Solar road stud lights with high illuminant LED at the excellent result with visibility of more than 800 m.

In the past, we would see solar road stud lights on aircraft routes and high-speed roads. Due to their small size and obvious warning effect, solar road stud lights are used in various road traffic," an expert said. Due to the rapid development of urban road traffic, many urban roads have also added solar road stud lights. On the one hand, solar road stud improves the safety of vehicles and pedestrians; on the other hand, solar road stud beautifies our urban roads and adds some color to the beautiful urban environment.

NOKIN solar road stud light is suitable for: four lanes back and forth, but there is no separation zone in the middle, and there is insufficient light at night; Vehicle diversion point (around the triangle line); At the crossroads / zebra crossings (deceleration prompt); Railway ramp; Sharp turning road; Toll station lane line; Foggy Area (seaside, Airport Road); Accident prone area; Expressways and roads without street lights; Urban sidewalks, park paths, etc. need to beautify the night scene and other sections and roads; Location of guide line at entrance and exit of viaduct and tunnel. NOKIN can provide a variety of processes and types of solar road stud lights according to the specific situation of the road, which can be selected according to the actual demand.

Welcome the general public, drivers and friends to put forward suggestions and opinions on the solar road stud lights, so that NOKIN Traffic can further improve. NOKIN solar road stud contributes to safe people's life.