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NOKIN LED Active Solar Studs Accept By Customers


LED Active Solar Studs

LED active solar studs have accepted by customers all over the world, The soalr studs use LED and solar technology to create efficient highway profiles and are said to be much more efficient than traditional reflective studs.

LED active solar studs have been shown to enhance safety and are a more sustainable and economical way to demarcate at night or in severe weather conditions. The self-contained solar cells, which are charged by sunlight and require no maintenance at all, are made of polycarbonate and aluminium and can hold 33,000 cars a day during the trial. They provide the ideal solution because they have proved to be visible at a distance of 600m, about ten times the size of a conventional recoil stud.

The performance of solar studs improvements is a good thing for users, but when choosing a LED solar studs , must according to the specific of use situation, in NOKIN's numerous LED active solar studs, only 2 models can be applied in the middle of the road, so if you install location is on the roadside and there is no vehicle ran over the solar studs, there is no need to choose those two model, after all, the better the performance of solar studs the price will be slightly more expensive.

NOKIN's solar studs has been loved and recognized by customers around the world for her diversity and a wide range of application scenarios. There are ultra-thin solar road studs, square and round road studs, and active road studs that can be used in combination with traffic lights to form a Pedestrian Crossing Monitoring System
. If you have a problem with roads safety, you may wish to contact NOKIN to try it, maybe there are unexpected surprises.