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How Do Solar Roads Stud Work On The Road


road studs on road

In daily work, we sometimes encounter customers asking how solar road studs work on the road, and what is it work principle? Today NOKIN Traffic will talk to you about how solar road studs work on the road.

Solar road studs is mainly composed of solar panels, batteries, PCB boards, LED lamp beads and shells. After assembly, glue is poured, and after the glue is dry, a complete solar road stud product is completed. As the name suggests, solar panels play a key role in the work of solar road studs. During the day, solar panels absorb solar energy and convert it into electrical energy for storage in the battery or capacitor. When the light becomes dark or the sky slowly darkens,the sensor in the solar road studs on road will sense that the light intensity is weakened, and when the light intensity is weakened to a certain extent to reach the start-up light intensity, the electric energy in the battery will be converted into light energy, and the LED light in the solar road studs will light up. Similarly, when the light intensity is bright enough, the solar road studs on road will go out automatically.

Some people may see that some solar road studs on road flashing at the same frequency at the same time. This is because a controller element is installed inside the road stud to control the frequency of solar road stud blinking.And some is contraled by bluetooth.

Above is the working principle of solar road studs, hope this will help you learn more about the solar road stud on road, and NOKIN Traffic will continue to update the knowledge about solar road studs.