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New Type Embedded Road Stud Reflector


Road Stud Reflector

If you have been in the road traffic industry for many years you may find such a road stud reflector, an embedded type of reflective studs for highways, airport roads, service roads and all traffic areas requiring high-performance contours and markers to guide the driver. The embedded road studs equipped with the high-performance prism-shaped mirror system combine a unique system for fixing the mirror body, thereby maintaining the lifetime of the mirror unit without the need for adhesive components.

This new patented fixing system for embedded road studs allows quick removal and replacement of reflectors on road surfaces with minimal cost to road operators and does not affect traffic. As a result, it provides a low-cost solution for maintaining road stud reflectors.

This product complies with European standards for reflective studs EN1463 parts 1 and 2, and meets the requirements of the British Highways Agency.

NOKIN Traffic will also launch a solar stud with a metal base in the future. It is mainly used for ultra-thin solar studs. It can be fixed to the ground without glue, and can be directly installed in the buckle of the base. Very convenience.