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New Nokin Solar Product -- Solar Smart Bench

Solar Smart Bench is a versatile outdoor bench that offers USB mobile device charging from utilising solar energy without external electrical connection. The simple design of the Solar Smart Bench allows solar energy to be collected and stored in the integrated controlled battery system to be used as and when required.

solar smart bench
The stored energy also powers LED concealed lighting on the Solar Smart Bench and can be utilized for Wi-Fi and other reporting. Nokin Solar Smart Benches can now offer wireless connectivity as well as charging via Qi or USB. Even in the hottest climates, you can sit comfortably on the Solar Smart Bench as the white glass reflects the heat.
The main features of Solar Smart Bench are solar Power autonomy, mobile Device charging, temperature controlled ventilated seating, vandal Resistant, quality build materials and easy install and mobility.

smart solar bench
13mm Toughened laminated glass top and composite wood effect end panels are used in the Solar Smart Bench to keep both aesthetics and practicality. Such materials will not be easy to be destroyed by heave stuffs and horrible environment. And the Solar Smart Bench selects 95 Ahr Varta battery system with regulated 10A inverter and 100Wp Monocrystalline generating solar panel • 4 x 1 A/2A USB water proof ports, which maintain the high solar energy conversion efficiency and stable electrical system.
An iPhone X has a 2.7 Ah battery so the battery of Solar Smart Bench can charge over 30 iPhone X without any solar panel input. Solar Smart Bench’s panel has the capability to charge 4 iPhone X with less than 50% of its full output. The rest of the charge goes to storage in the battery.