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New Driver Loves NOKIN Solar Road Stud Lights

Solar road stud light is a good assistant for driving at night. The writer is a novice female driver. I am afraid of driving at night. The light is very dim at night. If you drive to a place where there are few and dark street lights, it's even more terrible! But a road in Anyang city recently installed solar road stud light, it is my new driver's salvation!


You see, those on the ground are . This kind of solar road stud uses green renewable solar energy resources to make light. During the day, solar panels absorb solar energy and then convert it into electric energy through capacitors and store it in the battery. At night, the LED light of the solar road stud will automatically light up. This really solves the problem of dim light on the road at night. I believe this device can greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

Do you think this kind of solar road stud light just glows at night? Of course not. Solar road stud can automatically adjust according to the light intensity, as long as the light is dark, road stud light will automatically glow. Like Anyang, which is always full of haze in winter, solar road stud lights can also light up the road in rainy and foggy weather.

The solar road stud lights on Anyang street was installed by NOKIN. NOKIN Traffic specializes in the production of solar road stud, for sale at home and abroad. NOKIN solar road stud quality, affordable, very suitable for municipal road construction. Please consult our customer service!