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Maintenance-free Solar Road Stud Markers (2)

In last passage, I introduce the advantage and maintenance-free property of the solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5, aiming to the common quality faultiness I mentioned. I believe you would like to know more about this kind of maintenance-free solar road stud markers. Therefore, I will discuss more about the solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5.
The solar road stud markers are suppose to outline the road and guide the drives. To keep emit lights is the prior work of solar road stud markers. As we all know, the reflective effect will fade with time. If the reflective surface is covered from dust or working in rainy or foggy days, the reflective effect and light intensity will greatly reduced. The solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5 used super brightness LED which can be seen from place far more than 1000m and penetrate rain, snow and fog. And the vibration caused by the vehicle will shake off the dust.

the solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5.
Then, the solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5 can work for 3-5 years, which is longer than normal road stud markers. It uses high efficiency re-charger solar battery, which can illuminate 180 hrs for flashing modes,40hrs for steady modes at full charger. The great stability of both the lithium battery and the program PCB give double-guarantee to the long life span of vthe solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5.

the solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5.
With these special design and perfect manufacture, solar road stud marker is indestructible and free-maintenance. Besides, solar road stud marker will not cost more than traditional reflective road studs. The two share the almost even price, but solar cat eye studs need less later maintenance fee and power by using solar power.
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