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Maintenance-free Solar Road Stud Markers (1)

In the last passage, I just introduced three common quality problems of solar road stud markers. You may have some questions: can such a sophisticate and fragile devices be applied on the road? How to maintain them? Will it cost a lot to maintain them? I will solve you problems today.
Though such a dedicate electrical facilities are installed outdoor and always suffer from vehicles' impact and bad weather like rain, snow, wind and foggy, it turns out that qualified solar road stud markers need no maintenance. I would like to demonstrate the reason and take embedded solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5 of NOKIN Traffic as example.
First, the solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5 has excellent anti-pressure and anti-impact capacity. The base of this solar road stud marker is made of cast aluminum, and the surface is made of plastic spraying technology. The shell is made of reinforced PC material, which has excellent impact resistance and heat stability. Loading capacity more than 40 tons, can be used in the middle of road. It also used USA brand flexible solar panel with high conversion and charge efficiency, which is hard to be broken by external force.

the solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5
Second, the solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5 can work normally under the temperature from --25 °C~ + 75°C. It is received by some area of Saudi Arabia, Middle East, which can definitely prove its high temperature resistance property. The solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5 also applies program PCB which has high stability.
Third, the solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5 has excellent water proof capacity (IP68). It use water-proof fillers and double shell to prevent water sealing. Therefore, the rain sealing problem can also be solved.

the solar road stud marker NK-RS-X5