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LED Solar Road Studs Light with multiple working modes

As we all know, with the continuous progress of science and technology, LED solar road studs have a variety of working modes, such as flashing, always on, delay, Bluetooth synchronous flashing lights and other modes, which can make solar road studs flash at the same frequency, or make a certain The solar road studs installed on the road or on a certain occasion are controlled by GPS or Bluetooth to realize the synchronous flashing of multiple solar road studs!


The solar road stud light in the always-on mode are suitable for installation on highways or urban roads, and guide drivers and passengers in the direction of the road at night or in poor weather conditions. It not only outlines the extension trend of the road with the best visual effect, but also marks the location of the obstacles. This solar road stud can also be installed separately, which can not only beautify the building, but also a very good way to strengthen the road marking.
Solar-Powered road studs in twinkling mode, twinkling at night, adorn the city like a string of stars. In this mode, it also saves power, so its working time is greatly extended. And each of our NOKIN solar road studs has five colors: red, yellow, white, green and blue, which can give users more choices. We are dedicated to innovative design and development of high quality solar road studs.
LED Road Stud Solar Powered flicker at a certain frequency at night, and human vision is more sensitive to changes, so its dynamic warning effect is very strong. Solar road studs play a very important role in delineating road contours in rainy and foggy weather and in corners, inducing driver's sight and eliminating potential safety hazards. Active lighting can not only avoid the interference of rain and fog to the greatest extent, but also can get rid of the dependence on car lights, the visual distance is farther, and the effect is better.
As a professional LED road studs supplier, we focus on the road safety industry for more than 20 years, we provide our customers with high quality road studs, solar road studs, reflective road studs and other solar road signs, all our products have passed ISO9001:2000 , CE and ROHS certification, if you are very interested in our products, you can contact us at any time!