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LED Solar Road Studs Are Expected To Have a Bigger Market in China

According to the Industrial Research Institute, the scale of led solar road stud construction in China reached 25,000 in 2018, and the overall market size is still relatively small. However, driven by the continuous promotion of the construction of smart cities and the increasing emphasis on traffic lighting, the number of led road studs used as an important component of urban lighting is expected to achieve breakthrough growth in the next two to three years.


In fact, with the continuous development of society now, all walks of life need a lot of energy, so many people in the lighting will choose solar lighting or wind energy lighting. As a representative of solar lighting, solar road studs gradually occupy a higher position in the market. In the future, with the development of urban construction and solar energy industry continues to vigorously promote the led solar road studs market is expected to usher in a real spring.


Although the led solar road stud industry is at the forefront of the industry, but due to the lack of understanding of solar lighting, led solar road studs are not promoted enough, most solar road studs companies have difficulty in large-scale promotion and sales. Solar road studs sales channels are mainly concentrated in the centralized government procurement, private procurement of solar road studs in few cases. In foreign countries, has formed a daytime look at the road signs, the night look at the solar road studs habit. In foreign countries, the application of led solar road studs is more extensive, the user group is also larger.


In addition, despite the government's efforts to promote solar road studs, many cities have pilot programs. However, due to complex reasons, led solar road studs are still difficult to apply in large numbers in the short term. Shenzhen is expected to install nearly 10,000 solar road studs, preliminary calculations cost up to hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Compared with ordinary street lights, reflective road studs and road signs, solar road studs have great advantages. First of all, solar road studs are pollution-free. Although street lights play a certain luminous function, but there is a certain amount of radiation around, so the pollution is very high. But the LED solar road studs are not. LED road studs are environmentally friendly when used, without any pollution. Because of this, solar road studs are very high economic and environmental benefits.