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NOKIN Lights The Way With Led Cats Eyes For Harsh Conditions


smart LED cats eyes

LED cats eyes Chinese manufacturer NOKIN Traffic has introduced NK-RS-X5, a solar cat eyes on road that is well suited for use at home in harsh conditions and has waterproof properties. Its design includes a solar panel with a power of less than 1W, which is very suitable for countries with less sunlight.

LED cats eyes also have mesh network communication, and microcontroller technology is available inside each LED cats eyes. Features include wake-up and sleep functions, automatic brightness control and night contraction. Stainless steel, aluminum and polycarbonate body hold 6 high bright LEDs.

As a supplement to LED cats eyes nk-rs-x5, NOKIN traffic produced another bluetooth synchronous scintillation stud. installation is easier through the concept of plug and play. No cable connection prevents unnecessary drilling and road deterioration in subsequent interventions, and all cat eyes on road are connected to the control central unit to achieve multiple control functions.

LED cats eyes NK-RS-X5 can also be used in combination with the traffic light to form intelligent traffic equipment, but it needs to be wired. When the red light is on, the cat eyes on road flashes frequently to remind the driver to the pedestrian in front. When the green light is on, the led cats eyes goes out.

NOKIN Traffic says LED cats eyes NK-RS-X5 applies to roads, tunnels, parks and airports. Pressure up to 40 tons, can be installed in the middle of the road.