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Intelligent Solar Road Stud ( marker) In Front Of The School Road


smart Road Stud

With the development of science and technology, solar road studs has been joined the other technology components, It is more than the conventional solar road studs which just can charge during the day, and evening light up , but become a smart solar road stud combined with other technology, such as joined the bluetooth control synchronous flash road stud, a intelligent road stud of using a zebra crossing with a traffic light system, and the infrared thermal camera combined with solar road suds, etc. Let's have a look at the wisdom solar road studs installed in front of a middle school in Shenzhen.

There are a lot of traffic in front of Gongming middle school. In order to let teachers, students and pedestrians cross the road in peace of mind, the light traffic bureau laid raised street crossing and installed embedded intelligent solar road stud in front of the school.

The solar road marker is installed in front of the zebra crossing in front of Gongming middle school! And equipped with an infrared thermal camera, when sensing the pedestrian's heat source, the intelligent solar road stud began to flash. The infrared thermal camera can sense the temperature range between 35℃ and 40℃, which is in line with the average temperature of human, so it can accurately identify every pedestrian crossing the street.

And when pedestrians pass, the intelligent solar road marker will automatically turn off the strobe mode after flashing for 5-10 seconds. Through the flashing of the intelligent solar road studs, the driver is reminded that there are pedestrians in front of the driver at night to protect the safety of pedestrians. The combination of raised street crossing and embedded intelligent solar road stud can effectively remind the passing vehicles to slow down and ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing the street in front of Gongming middle school.