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Notice About Installing Solar LED Road Stud on Road


Although the method of installing solar solar LED road stud is very simple, if some details are not paid attention to,it will affect the service life of the solar road stud on road and cause it to fall off and other problems. What are the incorrect installation methods that will cause these problems? 

installing solar road stud


1.Installing solar road studs in rough places. 

This action will directly lead to the stress imbalance in different parts of the road column, which makes solar LED road stud easy to break when it is crushed by large tonnage vehicles. 

2. The installation site of the solar road stud on road is messy. 

The degree of fastness of road studs depends on the degree of tight bonding of road markers, glue and pavement. Dirty installation site dust will absorb most of the adhesive strength of the glue, making the road nail on the road stagger, easy to fall off. 

3.Too much or too little glue. 

Too much glue will directly reduce the fastness of the LED road stud on road, shorten the service life of the solar LED road stud, too small amount of glue will lead to glue seepage, may spread to the reflector, affecting the brightness of the reflection. 

4. Unevenly apply mounting glue. 

In addition to the glue coating operation to apply appropriate amount of glue, but also to ensure the stress balance produced by different parts of the solar LED road stud, to avoid damage caused by stress imbalance. 

5.Insufficient solidification time for glue. 

The newly installed road bolt usually takes 6-8 hours to fully solidify and secure the road surface. However, in many cases, people tend to dismantle the installed isolation facilities within 2 hours, which will cause the solar LED road stud to deform and fall off when they are run over by vehicles.