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Highway Solar Cats Eyes Road Studs


solar cats eyes road studTraditionally, lanes on roads are marked in a passive manner, with reflective studs and high-visibility paint, and are often used in combination with other reflectors on short columns on both sides of the highway. However, on busy roads with low-beam lights, these "passive road studs" are difficult to see and the visibility range is greatly reduced, while in humid environments they may become completely invisible. Recently, some "solar cats eyes road studs" (active road studs) have emerged as new options for road designers.

"Solar cats eyes road studs" is just "Active Road Stud" with automatic switching function, which is realized by combining a small solar panel, rechargeable battery and LED driver circuit.

 These types of solar cats eyes road studs work in a good way above the road surface. Since solar road studs are light emitting devices, these solar cats eyes come in many different colors, such as green, red, and amber. They are embedded in the road surface. Solar cats eyes road studs convey information about the direction of the road to the driver even in severe weather conditions. They help increase the throughput of roads. They have made tremendous contributions in improving traffic safety. These solar cats eyes road studs are usually the highest way to obtain the highest reliability on roads with heavy traffic.

NOKIN's NK-RS-X5 solar road stud is a good choice for installation on the highway. The height of its protrusion after embedding in the ground does not exceed 5mm, it will not affect the driving of the wheels at all, and it is completely friendly to the wheels. The pressure capacity can reach 40 tons, and it is absolutely no problem to install it on the road center line. Most importantly, these solar cats eyes road studs are environmentally friendly and green energy, solar cats eyes road studs are very suitable for highways without street lights.