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How to Choose Solar Roads Studs for Outdoor

How to Choose Solar Roads Studs for Outdoor

The choice of solar road stud lights is very important. Usually, we consider which kind of solar road stud lights is the most suitable according to their use and the environment in which it is used. Although all solar road studs have different materials and shapes, their waterproof performance reaches IP68; because of the different materials, their compression resistance is also different.


1. Tunnel installation needs to use wiring-type solar road studs

In tunnels, solar road stud lights are generally installed on the curbs on both sides of the road and the walls on both sides, and the wired power supply is used for the DC power supply or 220V AC power supply. This wiring-type solar road studs light is also composed of a housing, LED lamp beads, wires, circuit boards, and a control period, which can be always on or flashing synchronously to work. Since the solar road stud is not installed on the road surface, the pressure of the road stud is reduced, so its stability is stronger and its performance is more stable. Due to the special environment of the tunnel, sometimes there may be water, so the waterproof performance of the solar road stud is also very important.
2. Round 360-degree plastic solar road studs can be used in traffic roundabouts

360-degree plastic solar road stud, the top shell is made of semi-circular transparent imported plastic, and the bottom is injected with glue, which can withstand the pressure of about 20 tons. The appearance of the product is transparent, and different lamp bead colors can be customized according to customer needs. The difference from the square road stud is that it has 10 LED lamp beads, which are more bright, and with 360-degree light, the roundabout at night is like being embedded Strings of colorful lights are extraordinarily dazzling.
3. Municipal squares and parks can use ultra-thin plastic solar road studs

The ultra-thin solar road stud is only 11mm above the ground, its surface is covered by a whole solar panel, and the energy conversion is higher. It can be used on the green belt of the municipal square or the edge of the bicycle lane or sidewalk to modify the outline. Also due to the plastic shell, its appearance is more delicate and compact, and this ultra-thin solar road stud can better prevent pedestrians from being hurt at night.
4. Aluminum-embedded solar road studs can be used on expressways

On highways with relatively high traffic safety requirements, there are many vehicles and some heavy trucks, so the pressure resistance of solar road studs is very high. Aluminum-embedded solar road studs, because of their shells made of cast aluminum, are naturally It is stronger than the plastic material in compressive capacity, and the internal glue injection technology is used to ensure that the road stud is solid inside, waterproof, and wear-resistant, and the internal parts perform their duties and are not easy to loosen. The embedded installation allows the vehicle to distribute part of the weight to the ground during the rolling process, so it is more suitable for installation on highways.

The use of solar road studs can reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, and can also be used as decorative lighting. If we need for use, we must choose a solar road stud suitable for its installation environment, so that the service life of the road studs is longer, and the appropriate road stud will also reduce the improper consumption of manpower and material resources.