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How Much Do You Know About Solar Road Stud?


Solar road stud is a kind of spike with solar panels as charging components and batteries or capacitors as energy storage components. It adopts led luminescence or combines with passive luminescence. Its visual effect is better than ordinary road studs. According to the different energy storage components can be divided into: solar road stud (battery), solar road stud (capacitor). According to the requirements of the ministry of communications: the compression of solar road marker must be greater than 100KN.

Due to the different colors and voltages of leds, they can be divided into two categories:
1. Red and yellow;
2.White, blue, green, etc.

solar road stud

There are also two special solar road stud, they are respectively tunnel active road stud and wireless intelligent road stud.
1.Tunnel active solar road stud
Tunnel active road stud is a kind of traffic safety facility which is more advanced than solar road stud. It takes the solar panel or alternating current as the input source and controls the road stud work centrally through the controller, flashing or brightening at the same time. The effect is more obvious than solar road stud. There are wire connections between each spike. Generally, each set of controllers can control the diameter of 1000 meters or so.

Active solar road stud

2.Wireless intelligent road stud.
The wireless signal sent by the controller works as the road stud that receives the signal according to the transmitted signal. There is no wire connection between the road studs, which is convenient for construction. It is difficult to send and receive the interference of wireless signal.

Wireless intelligent road stud.

Road studs technology is also in the continuous development, also more and more mature, there will be more types in the future.